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Russell Kinder russmax at cowboy.net
Thu Apr 5 19:08:28 PDT 2001

Thanks, ihon. I'll title it appropriately on the web page.

on 4/5/2001 8:39 AM, jhirling at houston.rr.com at jhirling at houston.rr.com

> 4/5/01 4:13:24 AM, Andrew Spies <apspies at usa.net> wrote:
> The Sunday afternoon dance guild began as combined dance guild of Stargate,
> Gates Edge and Loch
> Soillier (there was no Westgate at the time) and has always refered to itself
> as the "Combined Dance
> Guild."  It has been active since 1995, meeting almost every Sunday and has
> been the principle
> source for dance demos at TRF.  The original Guild principals were Mistress
> Edwina Dirks Sterne
> and Lady Aine Aislinn Stirling (choreographer of Fickle Pavan).  The current
> Guild principals are HL
> Signy Gandalvsdottir and HL Ihon Vinson macFergus.
> --ihon 

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