AD - Re: Please help us decide what to teach at KDMW

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Sun Apr 8 19:28:27 PDT 2001

Yes, galliards are great. . .I think one of the challenges in teaching a 
galliard class, is that it seems to be necessary to spend a huge amount of 
time just galliarding around. . .to get the timing and feel comfortable with 
it. . .and then what do you do with it?  Definitely you should teach a 
galliard class, Guillame, maybe you could do it in two sections. . .one for 
people to learn how to galliard, and then a second section to show people 
what to do with the galliards. . .anyway I foresee that taking a big two 
hour chunk of time for a galliarde class.


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>on 4/6/2001 11:38 PM, Charlene Charette at charlene at wrote:
> > Faith Vedder wrote:
> >
> > I've tried teaching galliards on many occasions and never can muster up
> > any enthusiasm for them.  Maybe if Guillaume teaches a class and I put a
> > couple on the ball list it will stir some interest.
> >
> > --Perronnelle
>    Thanks. The last time I taught them to a big class was at King's 
>and that class in 1999. One galliard on the playlist is probably enough. It
>depends on the lenght.
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