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Russell Kinder russmax at
Wed Feb 21 00:14:47 PST 2001

Ansteorran Dancers:

   I want to make an initial announcement for a meeting of the Ansteorra
Guild of European Dancers. We will meet during lunch at Kingdom Dance and
Music Symposium, on July 21st. I will get an announcement of this meeting
into the May and June Blackstars, as per guild bylaws that the announcement
be made 2 months prior to the meeting.

   I want to meet at lunch because I would not want anyone to miss any
classes for this meeting, nor would I want the ball to be any shorter due to
this meeting.

   It is high time I stepped down and gave the office of Guild Proctor to
someone who will be in a position to do more with it. During our meeting, we
will nominate and choose a new Guild Proctor.

   Please know that I haven't been idle. There is an A.G.E.D. web site.  It contains a copy of our charter and
bylaws. It contains a start of the web version of the Kingdom dance manual.
I have continued work on the Kingdom dance manual, using my own Nordsteorra
manual as a start. I have continued research and teaching of dance in
Ansteorra. I have taught dance with the Namron dancers each week, at
Adlersruhe Bards and Arts, at Mendersham's Dance Symposium, and at Gulf
Wars. I have performed with Lady Isabeau in Gulf Wars A&S for war point in
the "champion's battle." I have performed with the Namron dancers at
Laurel's Prize Tourney last November.

   But I do not feel that I have promoted court dance in Ansteorra as I
should have. Personal matters and a busy work schedule have prevented me
from traveling the kingdom as I would like, to teach dance and generate
interest in the Guild. I didn't even make it to Kingdom Dance last year. I
haven't managed to schedule a single meeting of the guild, ere now.
Hopefully my successor will do better.

   I would like to continue my work on the Kingdom dance manual, even after
I step down as Proctor, if it pleases the Guild for me to do so.

HL Guillaume de Troyes.

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