AD - Kingdom Dance Guild meeting

Russell Kinder russmax at
Wed Feb 21 04:27:51 PST 2001

Signy informs me that there will be no set lunch break at KDMS, but there
will be a break for everyone to eat dinner off-site. I amend my previous
announcement to propose that we meet during dinner at a local cafeteria.

Everyone's feedback is welcome.

HL Guillaume de Troyes

on 2/21/2001 2:14 AM, Russell Kinder at russmax at wrote:

> Ansteorran Dancers:
> I want to make an initial announcement for a meeting of the Ansteorra
> Guild of European Dancers. We will meet during lunch at Kingdom Dance and
> Music Symposium, on July 21st. I will get an announcement of this meeting
> into the May and June Blackstars, as per guild bylaws that the announcement
> be made 2 months prior to the meeting.
> I want to meet at lunch because I would not want anyone to miss any
> classes for this meeting, nor would I want the ball to be any shorter due to
> this meeting.

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