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Tue Feb 20 23:15:25 PST 2001


   That is absolutely wonderful news. I haven't seen her since Texas Toot a
couple of years ago. I wonder if she's finished revising her Negri
translation. For those who don't know, Dr. Kendall's PhD dissertation is a
full Italian to English translation of Negri's Le Gratie d'Amore, including
putting the music into modern notation. It has been my best source of 16th
century Italian dance these past couple of years.

   This is great consolation to me, since I am going to be unable to attend
Known World Dance in Boston. (sniff...)

   It does upstage me, though, since I was planning to teach a class in 16th
century Italian dance. Well, I suppose I still could. More to come on that

HL Guillaume de Troyes

on 2/20/2001 6:07 PM, John F. Hirling at jhirling at wrote:

> I am please to announce that Yvonne Kendall will be the featured European
> dance instructor at this year's Kingdom Dance & Musician's Workshop to be
> held July 21st at Boni's Dance Studio, The Woodlands, TX.  Dr. Kendall will
> offer a morning class of 16th century Italian and an afternoon session of
> 15th century bassedanse.
> If you are interested in teaching European dance this year, please contact
> me and include the area and/or dances you wish to teach.  Lady Ceara (Sandra
> White - kieralady at and Master Avatar (Al Cofrin -
> avatar1 at will be the coordinators for middle eastern dance and
> musicians, respectively.
> Help us make this a truly valuable experience for all who attend.
> --ihon

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