[Anst-dancers] Ansteorra Dance Guild meeting at Kingdom Dance

Debbie Spangler paperdol at wt.net
Tue Jul 17 12:16:10 PDT 2001

Greetings HL Guillaume and the list!

I know you plan to have a meeting of the Ansteorra Dance Guild at Kingdom
Dance. I don't think we set a time (other than during the break between
classes and the evening ball) nor did we set a place (bring food back to the
studio or eat out). There are several eating establishments within walking
distance: besides Burger King, Skeeter's Barbecue and Pasta Co. We could
always order in pizzas or something. Please let me know what you all want to
do so I can prepare.

I hope many of you are planning to come. It's going to be great! (if I do
say so myself!) :)


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