[Anst-dancers] Kingdom Dance Thank-yous

Debbie Spangler paperdol at wt.net
Wed Jul 25 05:50:57 PDT 2001

Greetings, good gentles!

Lord David and I would like to thank the Canton of Westgate for hosting
Kingdom Dance. We had about 145 people in attendance--thank you all! We had
wonderful teachers--vivat to them--I can't list them all but maybe Ihon,
Avatar and Ceara will--but I will mention Dr. Yvonne Kendall who taught for
5 hours! Also, HL Guillaume and Lady Isabeau taught almost as much.

Our thanks go to Boni's Dance Studio, Lady Ceara, HL Ihon, Master Avatar,
Lady Sara, Lady Melanie, Lady Kemma, Lady Melody, Lady Maureen, Lord
Malachai, Lord Christoforo, Lady Suannoch, Lady Eibhlin, Mistress Hillary,
Madame Perronnelle, Lord Stephen, Lady Tegan, Lady Klare, Baron Godwin,
Baroness Elisena, the merchants and all the many others who worked so hard
to make Kingdom Dance this year happen.

In Service to Dance, Ansteorra and the Barony,
HL Signy Gandalvsdottir

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