[Anst-dancers] Minutes from A.G.E.D. Meeting...

Scot and Michelle Henry henrycs at ix.netcom.com
Thu Jul 26 20:37:42 PDT 2001

> Whey are we limiting this to the Chivalric circle? A peer is a peer is a
> peer, or are some peers more equal than others?
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> Phelim "Pug" Gervase   | "I want to be called. COTTONTIPS. There is

We're not limiting it to the chivalric circle; however, we discussed that as
a good place to start for several reasons.
1.  They tend to be our highest profile players since that is how one wins
crown (along with the rapier fighters who also need to be invited to share
their chivalrousness with us).  Also, we can combat the "I'm a guy.  I don't
dance." syndrome if our "manly men" dance.
2.  It was mentioned that dancing used to be required of squires in order to
become a knight and it seems that requirement has since fallen to the
wayside.  We're hoping to reinstill it.
3.  (mostly my own idea here)  They are mostly men and we need more men to
dance (before I make good on my male persona  for dance threat).


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