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Russell Kinder rkinder at austin.rr.com
Thu Jul 26 21:18:34 PDT 2001


   My reply to Perronnelle was regarding the minutes of the A.G.E.D. meeting
at Kingdom dance. The chain of reasoning for wanting to influence the belted
circles rather than the other peerages is found in that section of the
minutes. I am re-quoting them for your convenience.

Quoted from the Minutes from A.G.E.D. Meeting:
>   Dance is perceived as too far from the "center" of SCA activity. Get more
> people interested, particularly among the fighters and the nobility/royalty,
> and dance will be a higher priority for event organizers.

>   It was agreed that fighting/tournaments are the central activity of the
> SCA, and that the knights are the leaders of fighting. It was also stated
> that court dancing was once seen as one of the required knightly virtues,
> that a squire was required to be skilled in. Dancing no longer seems to be
> an important pre-requisite for knighthood.

>   It was suggested that someone of high rank (ideally a peer) with good
> diplomatic skills ask to speak at meetings of the belted circle. This person
> would implore the knights to once again view court dance as an important
> knightly skill, and encourage themselves and their squires to participate in
> dance. All agreed that this was a good idea.

   So, to summarize: Fighting and tourneys are the center of the SCA.
Knights are the leaders of fighting. Dancing was once considered a knightly
virtue. We'd like to encourage the knights to get themselves and their
squires out on the dance floor, as they once did in Ansteorra.

   Apparently, none of us recalled any Ansteorran tradition of Laurels or
Pelicans suggesting their apprentices & proteges become proficient in dance
before being elevated to their orders, so I guess it didn't come up in the

   I hope that answers the question to your satisfaction, Pug. I don't want
to speak for all others present at the meeting, so if others have differing
ideas, please feel free to speak up.

Guillaume de Troyes

> Russell Kinder (rkinder at austin.rr.com) said something that sounded like:
>>    During the discussion, the idea was that any peer would probably have the
>> influence needed to help sway the belted circle. We wanted a high-ranking,
>> diplomatic person who has a strong desire for more dancing in the kingdom.
>> If that peer is also a knight, even better, but that aspect wasn't
>> discussed.
> Whey are we limiting this to the Chivalric circle? A peer is a peer is a
> peer, or are some peers more equal than others?

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