[Anst-dancers] Known World Dance & Music IV

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You know that you will have my help in anything you need. I would love to
see Known World Dance IV be here in Ansteorra! Why don't you talk about your
bid at Kingdom Dance?

PS--Guillaume--please give me an email about where you want the Ansteorra
Dancers Guild meeting to be at Kingdom Dance.

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      Dancers, I think there is a good chance that we will have KWD&M here
in 2003.  Having talked with many people both here and from other Kingdoms,
I think it is time to hold the best Dance event ever seen here in our
      Though other Kingdoms have mentioned placing a bid for this event, I
have gained concent that the most vocal of those will support us here.
       To that end, I would like to know who will have the major interest of
helping me run this event.  A KW eevnt will be alot of work, espesially to
make one better than what Carolingia came up with.  Please let me know if
you have suggestions or comments, or some kind of desire to help out.
       Of course this list is a good way to communicate, but direct emails
to myself, or contacting me in person will be best if you want my best

Your servant to command,
  Philip White

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