[Anst-dancers] Kingdom Dance Symposium--Meetings

Debbie Spangler paperdol at wt.net
Wed Jul 18 09:43:10 PDT 2001

Greetings, everyone! It's almost upon us--the event! And we are elated!

As to the meetings:

HL Philip will hold a meeting from 1-1:30 pm re: Known World Dance IV. It's
a free break time so no one is missing a class.

HL Guillaume will hold a meeting during the "dinner" break between 5 and 7
pm re: the Ansteorran Dance Guild. Food can be brought in. Besides pizza, we
can get delivery from Jason's Deli or I'm sure we can get take out from
Boston Market, Pasta Co. or Skeeter's Barbecue which are very close by. You
may want to choose what you want during the day and we'll arrange it.

In Service,

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