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Wed Jul 25 15:28:22 PDT 2001

Minutes of the Meeting of the Ansteorran Guild of European Dancers

Meeting convened at 5:10 pm, 7/21/2001, at the Kingdom Dance & Music
Workshop, Stargate/Westgate.

Isabeau Lallement
Capricia d'Aulnay
ihon vinson macfergus
Guillaume de Troyes
Helene Quivrement
Morgan Ellise
Ariane Lancaster

A Kingdom Dance Recording was discussed.

  It was brought up that many sources of music exist in the SCA, such as
Musica Subterranea, Jouissance, Tapes of Dance, and a myriad of others at
Eric Praetzel's web-site. Many professional recordings exist as well. A
comprehensive discography should be sufficient, and should be part of the
Kingdom Dance Manual.

  Thus, for the dancers, a Kingdom recording is not necessary, but it would
still be an excellent way to show off the skills of the kingdom's musicians.
The musicians should be consulted to see if they are interested. It was
agreed that the effort of making even a short dance recording is

Then the Kingdom Dance Manual was discussed.

  Guillaume wanted to make sure that all the dances being done in Ansteorra
be included in the Kingdom Manual. He plans to base the Kingdom Manual on
his previous work done with the Nordsteorra Manual. Anyone who is doing
dances not in that manual, e-mail Guillaume with the choreography.

  He would also like feedback from those who have used the Nordsteorra
Manual: Were there any problems teaching from the tabulations in that
manual? Ambiguities? Steps that were hard to figure out?

Guillaume's e-mail:  rkinder at austin.rr.com

Guillaume discussed his plans for the Kingdom Dance Manual: to provide one
free copy to each group's dance instructor, and to make a downloadable PDF
file available at the A.G.E.D. website.

A discussion of how to stimulate local dance groups ensued.

  It was suggested that each region should have a teacher and/or a group of
dancers who could go to shires & baronies in their area to teach dance. They
could have a supply of Kingdom Dance manuals so they could give a copy to
each local instructor.

  It was suggested that the Proctor could appoint a "deputy" to help him or
her promote dance within each person's region.

Discussion continued on stimulating dance in local groups and at events.

  There was agreement that dance is often seen as the lowest priority
activity at events, and is shoved after everything else. Sometimes, dance
doesn't occur until 11 pm or later. The idea that came out of this
discussion was that dance is a low priority at events because dance is a low
priority among those planning events and those with other event commitments,
such as nobility/royalty whose priority is understandibly court.

   Dance is perceived as too far from the "center" of SCA activity. Get more
people interested, particularly among the fighters and the nobility/royalty,
and dance will be a higher priority for event organizers.

  It was agreed that fighting/tournaments are the central activity of the
SCA, and that the knights are the leaders of fighting. It was also stated
that court dancing was once seen as one of the required knightly virtues,
that a squire was required to be skilled in. Dancing no longer seems to be
an important pre-requisite for knighthood.

  It was suggested that someone of high rank (ideally a peer) with good
diplomatic skills ask to speak at meetings of the belted circle. This person
would implore the knights to once again view court dance as an important
knightly skill, and encourage themselves and their squires to participate in
dance. All agreed that this was a good idea.

The new A.G.E.D. Proctor was chosen.

  After discussion of potential candidates, HL ihon macfergus was nominated
and elected by unanimous consent of those present.

Meeting adjourned at 5:45 pm.

Minutes by Guillaume de Troyes & Isabeau Lallement
Approved by ihon vinson macfergus

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