[Anst-dancers] Dancing Pirates

Russell Kinder rkinder at austin.rr.com
Thu Jul 26 08:59:55 PDT 2001

   In case anyone wondered what was up with the "pirates" at Kingdom Dance.

   For the last 2 years, I have been dancing with the dancers on the Barony
of Namron. These dancers are a very excellent and highly devoted group, who
are willing to learn every dance they can, from the easiest country dance &
branle, to the hardest of the 16th Century Italian.

   As we began to schedule performances and become rather good, we lamented
that we had no name. We also lamented that dancing is such a small part of
most events, especially in the north. We often had to go to events and
"take-over" so that dance would happen. We decided to call ourselves the
Dancing Pirates of Namron, since we would "board" events and make dance
happen. (Very similar in spirit to the "Dance Commandos of Mooneschadowe")

   There was also some discussion of wanting to be known for our dancing,
primarily. Not for our fighting and not for our costuming. We thought that
being dancing pirates properly expressed our attitude.

   When Isabeau and I announced our move from Namron to Bryn Gwlad, the
Namron dancers decided we needed to increase our scope. Now, we are the
Dancing Pirates of Ansteorra. If you've ever gone to an event where dance
wasn't scheduled and made dance happen, or if you'd like to, then you can be
a member.

   So, join the Dancing Pirates of Ansteorra. Join before the press-gangs
arrive. Join while there is still booty to go around.

signed, the Dancing Pirates

Guillaume de Troyes aka Capitan Guill-aarrr-mo
Isabeau Lallement aka Captain Bonnie Booty
Morgan Ellise aka Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
Ariane Lancaster aka Captain Aarrr-iane Bunny
Matthias Dversdall aka Captain Black B-aaarrr-t
Bjorgyn Trygstad aka Captain Black Bj-aaarrr-gyn
Helene Quivrement aka Captain Hellion
Miranda, Capitana of the great-ship "Death Suburban"

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