[Anst-dancers] Minutes from A.G.E.D. Meeting...

Scot and Michelle Henry henrycs at ix.netcom.com
Wed Jul 25 20:51:33 PDT 2001

First, thanks to all who made Kingdom dance such a fun experience.

Second, it was also briefly discussed that it would be nice if the dance
list itself were more active, thus keeping dance promotion in everybody's
thoughts.  So, in that effort and because inquiring minds want to know, I
pose these questions:

What sources are available for teaching styling (i.e. facial expressions,
attitudes, etc.)?
How do you personally teach styling?
If we improve our styling, I think that our performances (whether intended
as such or not) will be more entertaining to watch, thus making dance more
like bardic and perhaps bring it to an equal standing.  What are your
thoughts on this notion?

My lord and I (and some Namron dancers) discussed the idea of making our
performances for Namron's Protectorate more like microdramas/plays (which
many of the Italians already are, but we hope to play it up).  At KWDS III,
a Masque was performed which involved a storyteller setting up the plot (a
ship of men were converted into animals and had to prove they were gentlemen
by convincing a lady to dance with them, thus reversing the curse).   Is our
idea similar to this concept?

I plan to do some research and add what I find to any discussion which
(hopefully) ensues.

In service,

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