[Anst-dancers] Minutes from A.G.E.D. Meeting...

Russell Kinder rkinder at austin.rr.com
Thu Jul 26 08:53:45 PDT 2001

>>  It was suggested that someone of high rank (ideally a peer) with
> good
>> diplomatic skills ask to speak at meetings of the belted circle.
> This person
>> would implore the knights to once again view court dance as an
> important
>> knightly skill, and encourage themselves and their squires to
> participate in
>> dance. All agreed that this was a good idea.
> Any peer or a knight?  There are a few knights who dance (William,
> Galen, Rhodri).
> --Perronnelle

   During the discussion, the idea was that any peer would probably have the
influence needed to help sway the belted circle. We wanted a high-ranking,
diplomatic person who has a strong desire for more dancing in the kingdom.
If that peer is also a knight, even better, but that aspect wasn't


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