[Anst-dancers] Minutes from A.G.E.D. Meeting...

Scot and Michelle Henry henrycs at ix.netcom.com
Thu Jul 26 22:24:04 PDT 2001

> > 1.  They tend to be our highest profile players since that is how one
> > crown (along with the rapier fighters who also need to be invited to
> > their chivalrousness with us).  Also, we can combat the "I'm a guy.  I
> > dance." syndrome if our "manly men" dance.
> Your best person to get on your side for this is Count Mahadi. He is
> already on a quest to have squires learn to dance since it helps them
> with their footwork on the field.. If he focused his energy at the
> chivalry instead, it would mean the squires promptly follow.

Great!  So, Ihon are you are spokesperson for this purpose or do we need
people who are friends with them (Mahadi and those listed by Perronelle)?  I
noticed Sir William was in attendance at KDS.  Could he be persuaded to be
our spokesperson?  Do we need to do this in an official capacity or more
informally?  Let's set some definite goals in regards to this.

> Btw, I know many Crowns who try to encourage this for certain events at
> least. I remember most of Ansteorra going dancing at Pennsic under Daffyd
> and Octavia.

Perhaps, we should talk  with them again as well.  I hear Larissa supports
dance as well.  What needs to be done in this regard?

> Actually it's true for all Peers. They must have the "courtly graces"
> which dancing is but one of the items listed as examples.

Is it one of many they can choose a few from or is it one of many they
should have all of?

> > 3.  (mostly my own idea here)  They are mostly men and we need more men
> > dance (before I make good on my male persona  for dance threat).
> You just live in the wrong group. *grin* Our Barony has often had more
> men than women.

Actually, I often brag that my group has more men than women as well.  Of
course, that usually is my lord, another gentleman who also fights
(Hooray!), and myself.  We have several more of both genders who attend more
sporadically and another lady who was pretty faithful but is looking to move
to Carolingia.
However, it is still the case that when groups pull together in the kingdom
or the known world, there is an overbundance of ladies, especially for those
Italian dances that call for 1 lady and 2 - 5 gentlemen.  ;-)


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