[Anst-dancers] Dance at Kings College

Christi & Dustin rendancers at earthlink.net
Wed May 8 20:36:04 PDT 2002

Greetings Everyone!

(I don't know if anybody still uses this list but I thought I would be worth
a try.)

The Barony of Namron (Norman, Oklahoma) is hosting Kings College at the
University of Oklahoma on June 22nd and I am trying to organize a track of
dance classes for it. I NEED DANCE TEACHERS! If you are interested please
contact me with the following information:

    1) SCA Name
    2) Mundane Name
    3) Home Group
    4) Class Title
    5) Class Description
    6) Class size
    7) Class length (time)
    8) Time of day preference (morning or afternoon)
    9) Are there class fees? (materials, etc.) If so, how much?
       Can supplies be brought?
    10) Do you need any special equipment for your presentation?
    11) How far would you be willing to travel to teach?  (hr/mi)
    12) What other topics are you interested in teaching?

I can be reached at rendancers at earthlink.net

Happy Dancing!
Lady Ariane Lancaster

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