[Anst-dancers] AGED News

Russell Kinder russmax at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 4 22:07:31 PDT 2003

Greetings dancers!!!

I thought I'd keep everyone in the loop.

** HL Ariane has been good enough to put up a dance list for 
Wiesenfeuer Baronial, which will be the last weekend of August. If 
you'd like a peek, go to: 

** The Baroness of Bonwicke came to Steppes Artisan.  In addition to 
being very nice, she is keenly interested in getting dance up and 
running in Bonwicke. She'd like to have a masked ball at their 12th 
Night (which, unfortunately is opposite Stargate Yule). The goal is for 
them to practice dances up to that point in December. Guillaume and I 
are planning on travelling their way, probably in early September. Any 
other volunteers would be greatly welcome! Contact Lady Capricia and CC 
me if you are interested.

** Dance was fun at Steppes Artisan. I was only able to dance for about 
30 minutes, since I was feeling a little funny, but everyone who danced 
told me they had a great time.

** The group in Brad Leah is also wanting to start a dance group. 
Guillaume and I plan on going there pretty soon, since we have family 
in the area that we need to visit, anyway. For people in the DFW and 
OKC areas, this is an easy group to help out. We should all plan on 
going to their German Fest (third weekend in September), and support 
their efforts in dance.

** We still need dances from some folks (you know who you are) - we 
have a tentative goal of January for a print of the Ansteorra Dance 
Manual. We'd like to have a compilation by October at the latest. It 
will take some time to edit and format once all of the stuff is 
compiled. PLEASE check the online manual's table of contents, and see 
what is missing. If your dance group does something that isn't listed, 
SEND it to us. If you are using a reconstruction from a book or video, 
let us know. We can probably look it up ourselves.

** There have been numerous updates to the website. However, it is 
still a work in progress. If you have any suggestions, additions, or 
would like to start a local guild page, contact me. In the meantime, 
keep checking back.

Keeping you informed,

HL Isabeau

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