[Anst-dancers] AGED News

Ariane & Morgan rendancers at sbcglobal.net
Fri Aug 15 16:50:00 PDT 2003

on 8/15/03 11:03 AM, Scot and Michelle Henry at cshenry at ev1.net wrote:

> I would like to include the peasant dances that I've taught and Farandole
> that Scot (and someone from down south) has taught.  Do you still have my
> class handout from KWDS?  Did it include Farandole?

Hey, what recordings could we use for Farandole that are easily avalable? Is
there sheet music for this dance? We want to do this dance, but do not know
what music to use.

I can not speak for Erika, but one way to make the dance work is if there is
music that is easily avalable (both sheet and recorded). A good example of a
failure is: Belfiore-Not only is it a boring dance (along with the music),
but it's biggest down fall is there is no recording for it (unless you want
to dance to the midi file).


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