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Fri Aug 22 12:02:27 PDT 2003

>From: "Helene" <hq at plumes.org>
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>Subject: Gods and Monsters Ball
>Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 19:58:52 +0100
>Come dressed to kill for Mooneschadowe Guardian's Gods and Monsters Ball!  
>Come frolic as your favorite figure from world mythology, or come in 
>persona, dressed as their favorite figure from world mythology.  This ball 
>will take place Saturday evening following evening court, at Mooneschadowe 
>Guardian (Sept. 12-14) at camp Will Rogers in Cleveland, OK.
>Here is a tentative ball list:
>1st set
>Montarde Bransle
>Lorayne Alman
>Jenny Pluck Pears
>Heralds in Love
>  2nd Set
>Hit & Miss, followed by Heart's Ease
>Petit Riens
>Upon a Summer's Day
>Epping Forest (if we have the music)
>  3rd Set
>Cuckholds All a Row
>Charlotte Bransle
>Scotch Cap
>Kettle Drum
>  4th Set
>Black Alman
>Haste to the Wedding
>And here is a website link to help the uninspired along:
>for questions regarding the ball, please contact me,
>Ly Helene Quivremont at hq at plumes.org

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