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We knew this information, but your quote would be a great one to include in
future handouts - thanks.

I simply thought you were looking for music for the dance.  Yvette is the
one who taught it to us (thanks for piping up - I never remember your name)
and used the song I recommended.  It's also the tune we usually use as we
have a nice long version of it.  However, if you want to include the names
of the other songs, I can try to find them and see how they work for us.


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I found a discription for Farandole in Jeffery L. Singman's "Daily Life in
Chaucer's England.

It pretty much says what is in your hand out (more or less). It says that
the farandole is a type of carole. Concerning the music it says this:

"The carole may be danced to any music with a strong and lively beat, either
in a duple or a quick triple time. The music for the carole may be either
vocal or instrumental. If the music is vocal, it is important to remember
the singer's need for air [duh]. Either the dance should be slow enough not
to leave the singer breathless, or the singing should be done by several
people, or the singer should not actualy dance. The singer may accompany
herself on a tambourine (it seems to have been moe common for the music to
be sung by women than by men)."

It goes on to list 3 songs that would be good for this dance wich are in 6/8
&  shorter than Piper's version of Sumer is acomin in (12-16 measures as
opposed to 24), wich leads me to belive that any song could be used for this
dance. Having the dancers sing would be interesting.

The only problem with this is Mr. Singman did not give a reference to where
he aquired the dance from.

I just thought you Lords & Ladies would find that interesting.

Morgan Ellisse

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