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Nadine Latief nl33 at cornell.edu
Sun Aug 17 15:58:32 PDT 2003

Yes, there is still a Bryn Gwlad Music Guild, it is lead by Jonathan
Brumley <jonathan_brumley at yahoo.com>.
In fact, the guild was kind enough to do a recording of Negri's Il Gratioso
at my request recently.

Come to dance Yvette! We're meeting next Sunday. :)

It's funny how many lurking dancemistress/masters we have in Austin. I've
just heard at Pennsic that there's some dance laurel hiding in Austin

Lowrie--Bryn Gwlad.

>This song (Sumer is a-comin' in) is what Samuel Piper would play 
>for us when we danced the Farandole years ago down here in Bryn 
>Gwlad.  It was one the Music Guild had in their repertoire and so, of 
>course, sheet music was, at least at one time, available.  I'm afraid 
>I have absolutely no idea who to possibly contact about it, though, 
>as I have become very outside the loop (I'm not even sure if there 
>is still a Music Guild here!).
>Yvette Royd
>> We were told (and faithfully listened) to use "Sumer is a-comin' in". 
>> It works well and is loooonggg enough for people to get the dance on
>> the first try without becoming bored.  This song was on a couple of
>> dance CDs I had, I think even on a Musica Subterranea CD.  I'd have to
>> double check for sure. Not sure about sheet music.
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