[Anst-dancers] Re: Farandole (was AGED News)

Ariane & Morgan rendancers at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 18 19:48:17 PDT 2003

on 8/17/03 2:59 PM, Scot and Michelle Henry at cshenry at ev1.net wrote:

> Yvette is the
> one who taught it to us (thanks for piping up - I never remember your name)
> and used the song I recommended.

Does Yvette happen to know the documentation on this dance (Farandole) or
any other information on it?

We now have the music you mentioned, it has 24 mesures (in 6/8). How many
times is the music repeated for each section of the dance (four parts)? Is
this a kind of dance that you just have to have a leader that knows it and
can call it or is there a step pattern to it (part one is 32 beats, ect.)?

Thank you,


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