[Anst-dancers] Manshaft Pavanne?

Russell Kinder russmax at sbcglobal.net
Wed Aug 20 20:03:34 PDT 2003

This is a modern SCA choreographed dance. I believe it is done to a 
piece of music from the soundtrack of a movie called "The Wives of King 
Henry VIII".

We call it the "man-shaft" pavan, or the up-yours pavan, because of the 
hand gestures.

Why don't you get them to substitute "Queen's Alman"? that would be 
even more appropriate, and period.


On Wednesday, August 20, 2003, at 08:25  PM, Nadine Latief wrote:

> So I've never actually seen this dance before, is it an OOP? Or a GOOP?
> The Bryn Gwlad 'Queens' for our Fall Baronial Event (somethiing about 
> the
> wives of Henry) wants to open up with the Manshaft pavanne for the 
> ball. If
> it's a GOOP, I can probably just shrug and go, "I don't know the 
> dance..
> never done it. How about.. Earl of Salisbury"? Granted, not that much 
> of an
> improvement.. but still.
> Lowrie.
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