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Mon Dec 8 16:17:58 PST 2003

on 12/8/03 3:53 PM, Craig Shupee' at philipwhite at hotmail.com wrote:

> How did Weisenfeuer and Bard Leah go?

It went way better than we had ever expected. We had a little over 20
dancers in total dancing (but not all at once, maybe 4 or 5 couples at once)
and most of them had some experience (we even had a visitor from Callenteer
and our Baron Master Lucais du Belier danced almost the whole time). We did
most of the standards plus a few odd dances like "Farandole" (wich was
really well recieved!). Sice we had a live band, we were able to try out the
full version of "Mage on a Cree." Ariane did a wonderfull job calling
(especially without being distracted by the inpending doom of finals this
week). I am affraid that we did not do any 16th c. Italian, but we were able
to keep the ECDs to five (not that I have a problem with ECDs).

The hall that we danced in use to be a church so the stain glass enhanced
the decorations. There was a stage that Waites and Measures played on that
helped push the sound out a little. We were right in the middle of the hall
so everyone was entertained for two hours. There were a lot of pictures
being taken, so we plan on having some of them on our class's web site in a
couple of weeks or so.

The band, Waites and Measures, had played so beautifully and if they made
any mistakes, no one noticed. Lady Clare Margarite was the band leader for
the dancing. We even were blessed with a member of The Merry Musicians of
Moonshadowe, Ema, playing for dance. On top of that they also played a show
in the balconey before feast (a lot of period Christmas tunes that I had
never heard before).

The autocrats, HL Aldric de Kerr & HL Isaac Bane, were very accomadating to
the dancers and the musicians (in fact, the cover of the event program had
people doing courtly dance on it). Musicians were treated like royalty and
great care was taken to make sure they were comforatable, happy and thanked.

I would say this event was a major success for dancing and music and the
best Yule Revel I have ever attended.


Lord Morgan Ellisse
of Wiesenfeuer (OKC)

P.s. Ariane and I are looking forward to comming to Stepps 12th night.

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