[Anst-dancers] DFT Yule and Dance

Nadine Latief nl33 at cornell.edu
Wed Dec 10 19:57:29 PST 2003

 >Is that the chap that taught the recorder class at the last Kingdom Dance?

Not sure it's Jonathan since I didn't take the class.. but I remember him 
at the event. (We swing danced at a gas station on our way back.)

 >Other than that, he is a genius!!! His versions of various dance tunes 
have been
 >the most reliable (along with Master Avatar, of course).

Samuel Piper is quite amazing.

The Kingdom of Atlantia's Rencester singers gave the Barony of Bryn Gwlad a 
woodblock carving of our baronial arms in gratitude for Samuel Piper's file 
of period music, just several months ago.

 >I have the music from Piper's "Italian Dances of the Renaissance" Book, but
 >you can get it from:

Thank you! Sounds like a useful book.

 >I noticed that the recording on your web site repeats 7 times, right? The
 >recording by Ensemble La Follia repeats 5 times. In Kendal's translation it
 >says the music is in two parts (A & B respectively) and repeated twice per
 >section of the dance (which is three times). That would mean that the music
 >is repeated 6 times (AABB x3)

I had it at AABB x 7 since there were too many steps. There was no way I 
could fit all the descriptions into AABBx3.. Maybe if I took Pamela Jone's 
theory that Negri's Seguito Ordinario is actually the same as Caroso's 
Ordinario (the theory that Negri's Rule IX (seguito grave) is actually 
mislabeled and should be Negri's Seguito Ordinario, so it's "step step step 
pause" instead of "step step spezzato") I could up the timing of the step 
and shorten every step in half. I could look into that further during 
Christmas break :-) Thanks for discussing this with me.

 >Are you going to be at Steps' 12th Night?

I'm still debating on whether to be at 12th Night or Coronation, since 
they're 2 weekends in a row and both in Dallas area. But if I do show up, 
I'll be happy to teach it. But you'll have to teach me Alta Somaglia as 
well :-)

Yay! Dancing!

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