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Keith McClune swashbuckler at caerthe.org
Thu Dec 11 10:43:48 PST 2003

Hi there:

jhirling at houston.rr.com wrote:
> 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-and-11 or if it makes more sense, 6 kicks of a variation
> plus a the same cinque variation.
> --ihon

What he said ...

> From: Nadine Latief <nl33 at cornell.edu>
> > I've heard someone else mentioned it as an 11-step too. I'm
> > curious,  how would you do it that way?

Or, to expand a little, the common cinq pas is five steps in six beats:

 1	 2	 3	 4	 5	 6
kick	kick	kick	kick	and	jump

For an 11-step, you ignore the first cadence and continue through to the second

 1	 2	 3	 4	 5	 6
kick	kick	kick	kick	kick	kick

 1	 2	 3	 4	 5	 6
kick	kick	kick	kick	and	jump

Of course, the 11-step looks much better if you use fancier steps and turns
than just forward kicks, but so does a cinq pas.  This gives you the timing.

Arbeau describes this and several other timing variations, including 17-steps,
cinq pas in 3 movements (doing three movements in the time of the cinq pas),
and "mincing" steps (doing two or three steps per beat, such that 7 to 11 steps
fit in the time of the cinq pas).  Not that I have done many of these, but I
have studied them, some, and hope to learn them properly someday.

Keith / Guillaume   S:}>

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