[Anst-dancers] Kingdom D&M Classes/Music

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 15 08:47:09 PST 2003

Greetings Dancers and Musicians!

The following year will see our first Kingdom Dance and Music Symposium in 
some years - so lets make it a great one.  The deadline for Kingdom Dance 
and Music Symposium bids 2004 has already been set for Wednesday, February 
12, 2004.  But - don't wait till bids are awarded to prepare your classes 
and research - start working now!

We need your dances to be in our proceedings, and we need to know them in 
time to try and create an audio recording of them.

To help spurr your new research and reconstructions, Lady Lowrie Lewllyn 
(nl33 at cornell.edu) has agreed to start work on an audio compact disk for our 
next symposium.  She is trying to gather new recondings as well as donated 
tracks from established groups.  Its important you start reconstructing your 
music, or contacting someone who can reconstuct it for you, so that we can 
possibly get a recording of it on the disk.

Lowrie will have all of her information and contacts ready to either work 
with the steward awarded the bid for Kingdom Dance or pass them off to the 
announced stewards staff.  For the present - please contact her and let her 
know your ideas now, because a project of this nature can take some effort.

Your Servant to Command,
~Philip White, Deputy KA&S - Dance and Music

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