[Anst-dancers] Bonwicke 12th Night

Scot and Michelle Henry cshenry at ev1.net
Tue Dec 23 14:30:56 PST 2003

Sorry for the delay on this, but I haven't been feeling my best.

I just wanted to share with everyone what a lovely time Sabina (my teenage
student) and I had hosting dance at Bonwicke's 12th Night.  We were able to
dance for about two hours with no other interruptions.  At the beginning of
the evening we had about 30 participants and about 10 stayed true until the
end.  The participants learned the dances quickly and had a good time
dancing them.  The autocrat, Baroness Oriana, and the Baron not only
participated, but made us feel very welcome with gifts and needed

Much interest was expressed in being able to continue some dancing in this
region.  I know that it is a long drive, but the students make the trip
worthwhile.  Please consider a trip to the West to teach at an event or

In service,
Ly. Melissent d'Aulnay the Cspricious (Capricia)

PS - They also have a REALLY COOL playground very near the 12th Night site.

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