[Anst-dancers] Inter-regional Dance Practices

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 1 12:25:04 PST 2003

Hi all -

Let me preface this by it not being my idea - just that its one I am really 
interested in. :-) So, I'd like to see some people come up with ideas or get 
something started.  Also, I am just posting random thoughts, which might 
spark something serious or even better.  Or, someone can point out that I am 
completely wrong.  But at least I'll have them written down where we can 
comment on them.

Ideas I like include:

Using the term Inter-regional dance practice rather than regional dance 
practice.  Maybe just semantics... but I like the implications of the first.

There has been success in the heavy community for weekend fighter practices 
of the serious fighters in the Kingdom, gathering not at an event - but 
meeting a Saturday just to fight.  I think we can do the same - bring 
ourselves together to get past teaching basics, and allow our performance 
and teaching skills to mature while not ignoring beginning dancers.

We could post informal guidelines, created by the proctor with guild 
comments to the web.  These guidelines would suggest how to organize an 
inter-regional practice, where to hold one, possible topics, where to 
advertise, etc.  It would not place requirements on a practice - but 
facilitate the possibility and help organize them.

It be nice to see a couple of these a year, as people are willing to 
organize them.  And - it'd be nice to see those rotate groups/regions.

I think they should be easy to attend, low pressure, free, and maybe offer 
one class of tracks.

Maybe we could use one of these as a pre-performance practice for 25th year 
(or AAA as they may call it).  A non-event chance to try and wrap all of our 
individual performances together, as well as work on a group performance.  
This of course depends on what Isabeau is planning (who is currently out of 
town...).  But its an idea for her to consider.

That’s all I have for now -


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