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I, too, am very pleased that dance went well in many venues this past
weekend.  Brad Leah's Yule Revel was a small event - maybe 30 to 40 people.
We only did a small number of dances, but had probably 1/2 of the people
involved for most of the dancing, including Le Bens Distonys which they
loved!  Brad Leah's hospitality again was very generous.  The food was
wonderful (including roast duck - yum!), the dramatic presentation of
excerpts from A Midsummer Night's Dream were well performed and had fabulous
masks, the gift exchange was pleasantand a very lovely gift basket was
presented to me for teaching.

My lord and I are trying to convince Lady Monica that her masks should be
sold at many events as they were very splendid.  Although she hasn't agreed
to that yet, she did hint that she MIGHT be willing to make masks for
Kingdom Dance sometime.  We would be greatly blessed if she did so.

In service,

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Greetings All -

We were lucky and had a good space to dance in at Dragonfire Tor's Yule
Revel.  We worked on 16th Century Italian, Inns of Court, and some Bransles.
  I was happy to see both new and old dancers. Yea new people.

Funny though - our dance group also turned into the fiber arts guild.  We
had appliqué, beading, weaving, lace, and finger loop braids all going at
once.  It was fun too! :-)

I hope the dance at the other events went well.  I heard some already about
the off calendar events in Bryn Gwylad and Loch Solliere.  How did
Weisenfeuer and Bard Leah go?


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