[Anst-dancers] Steppes Twelfth Night

Russell Kinder russmax at sbcglobal.net
Wed Dec 31 10:55:34 PST 2003

First off, may I apologize for the tardiness of this announcement. I 
only returned from the holidays late Sunday night and have been playing 
catch-up ever since.

This Saturday, January the 3rd, Steppes will be hosting it's Twelfth 
Night Feast and Baronial Investiture.

For more information, you can go to the event web site at:


There are several dance activities planned. About a dozen from the 
local dance class will be coming to their first SCA event - so I hope 
dancers from all over Ansteorra will show them what a fun time the SCA 
can be.

In the early afternoon (starting around noon, when the site opens) 
we'll be having a few dance classes.

Three Playford Dances - taught by Lord Morgan Ellisse

The Beggar Boy * Mage on a Cree * Saint Martins'

Dancing for a Performance - taught by HL Ariane Lancaster

Alta Somaglia

Flirty Dances - taught by Lady Helene Quivremont
Lo Spagnoletto * Bizzarria d'Amore * Villanella

After the Investiture, we'll be doing some social dancing before feast. 
The dance list is as follows:

So Ben Mi Chi Ha Buon Tempo
Ballo del Fiore
Il Gratioso

Brounswycke Alman
Lorayne Alman
New Alman

Petit Riense

War Branle
Charlotte Branle
Pease Branle

Leoncello Vecchio
Rostiboli Gioioso

I hope you will all come out and dance with us!

~ Isabeau

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