[Anst-dancers] Coronation and Dance

Ariane & Morgan rendancers at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jan 8 16:41:26 PST 2003

I am sorry, Pip, but I will be too busy practicing my cheep ply-wood
renaissance flute that day (maybe I should get a plastic recorder).

Seriously, Ariane & I have commitments to our Contra Dance group that night.
I think it is grand that you are doing that at Coronation because Coronation
to me is just one big long court and you know how I feel about court. Four
hours of dance would get us to come if it were not for our commitment.

We downloaded the dance cheet sheets and will be going over those dances you
showed us. What was the name of the one you did for feast?

Have fun!


on 1/7/03 12:26 PM, Craig Shupee' at philipwhite at hotmail.com wrote:

> Greetings Dancers,
> The Steward for Coronation this weekend would like dance during the day.
> Are there enough interested dancers to hold some kind of dance activity
> during the day or inbetween courts?  Or will those of you who are coming be
> busy with buissness and social activities?
> I will be avaliable during the day if people are interested in dancing.  We
> can even do something like 12th night was - an 16th Italian class for 4
> hours. :)
> Your servant to command,
> Philip White
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