[Anst-dancers] Deciding guild levels

Scot and Michelle Henry cshenry at ev1.net
Thu Jul 10 08:52:04 PDT 2003

All right, we have this lovely guild charter (see the web page if you've
forgotten what it says) and it says we are going to have levels.  However,
we have never assigned levels.  So, what I think would be the easiest way to
start this would be to have everyone e-mail me privately (CSHenry at ev1.net)
letting me know what level he/she should be.  Then I will compile a list and
post it here.  If anyone has a problem with a level anyone has chosen for
themselves (either higher or lower), then he/she can e-mail me privately and
the three (or more if it happens that more disagree on the same one) people
involved can have a private discussion until a conclusion is reached and
then I'll post a finalized list.  I believe that this will cover the
requirement of someone at your same level signing off on you status.  Then,
anyone not on this list that wants to be leveled has a variety of options as
to who may judge them.

Unless there are any serious objections to this (with a well-reasoned
explanation please), I'd like to begin this process immediately.  The action
required by you is to send me the level you'd like to be at with what you
think is the validation for that level.  Again, check the requirements in
the charter.

In service,

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