[Anst-dancers] Coronation and Suggestion

Alicia Whitecotton hemophelia at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 14 15:31:38 PDT 2003

I'm with Ihon on this one. . .I can see that it was a good idea to have 
someone from out of the area come and run dance so that there was an 
assortment of folks helping out.  Also, and not to sound discouraging, maybe 
Coronation isn't the best time to try out someone inexperienced at running 
dance.  Especially because if it didn't come off, it would be much more 
likely to undermine the confidence of the new person, but it would okay to 
someone who has been doing this a long time (and is used to having problems 
getting things going i.e. Guillame and Isabeau).  So my suggestion is that 
maybe at another smaller, local event we should encourage the breaking in of 
new dance teachers, but not at big events.

I think Phillip should have a fine time with his mentoring program at 
Pennsic because it goes on forever and there is dancing every night in a 
special place set aside for dancing and there are a lot of people who will 
want to do it, so it is a no risk situation, really.

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>Subject: Re: [Anst-dancers] Coronation and Suggestion
>Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 16:20:25 -0500
>Greetings Helene and the rest of the list
>from ihon, Coronation co-steward
>    For the record, when Guillaume and Isabeau saw I was one of the 
>co-stewards, they asked if there would be an opportunity for dancing.  
>Because no good idea should go unpunished :) I asked them to coordinate and 
>run a ball.  I couldn't be more pleased with everything they did.  As 
>Perronnelle already responded, the three of us who lead practices here had 
>major duties with the event.  Were there others who could have led dance?  
>I'm pleased to say that, yes -- we have many capable people here.  Most, if 
>not all, had other duties.  However, one of the aspects of this Coronation 
>that really pleased me was the major participation of people from all over 
>the Kingdom.  In many ways, this made it more of a Kingdom event than any 
>in my memory since 25th Year.  I'm overjoyed that Guillaume and Isabeau, as 
>part of the populace of Elfsea, were an integral part of this Coronation.  
>Moreover, I believe it helps our dancers more to 'cross-pollinate' than to 
>have the locals dancing the same dances the same way as at practice at a 
>local, albeit kingdom, event.    By the way, dance happened as scheduled.  
>The final schedule was contained in the booklet offered to everyone at gate 
>and the Ball had a full page page devoted to the dances.   Now, I will 
>admit, I did hedge on the schedule :)
>. . .
>Early Afternoon - Stepping down Court
>Shortly thereafter - Stepping up Court
>Shortly after that - Coronation Ball
>7:00 p.m - Feast
>TRMs were held up en route by an accident and the stepping down court was 
>long so everything was a little late, making stepping up court a little 
>latte and so dance was a little late as well.  Anyway, I'll leave it to 
>Guillaume and Isabeau as to whether it was a successful effort.  As for my 
>perspective, I was pleased.
>Alicia Whitecotton wrote:
>>Well which is it?  Were the other folks who could have run dance too busy? 
>>  Or were they free but they asked Guillame and Isabeau anyway?
>>>Here are my observations... but realize that I didn't get to do any 
>>  Some of this would have been combated better from
>>>local dance leaders to help them get more people, but most of them were 
>>>heavily involved with running the event, and basically could not campaign 
>>>among the people.
>>>Here's a suggestion...
>>>It was good to see Guillaume and Isabeau leading dance at Coronation.  
>>>But this would have been a perfect opportunity for someone from Stargate 
>>>to lead dance who would not usually have opportunity.  Especially since 
>>>it was a small number of dancers and not a main focus of the event.   One 
>>>of the ideas of our charter os to get more people leading dance and 
>>>running balls.  We need to support these people rather than taking their 
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