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On Sunday, July 13, 2003, at 09:33  AM, Ariane & Morgan wrote:

> So how did dance at Coronation go? I imagane it went well, seeing who 
> was
> running dance, but I would still like to know the details.
> Morgan

Dance at Coronation went great, with only a couple of minor snafus.

We had a great area in which to dance. The dim candle light made it a 
little harder to teach, but once everyone's eyes had adjusted, we could 
all see well enough. We assume the dancers could see my steps, since we 
could see theirs. (Everyone was dancing quite well, by the way.) It may 
have been a traffic area before we started, but once we began, all 
traffic politely went around us. It seemed to be the lowest traffic 
area in the hall. Some stayed and danced. Dance was visible.

The lighting made it all gorgeous and gave the hall a much more period 
feel. It made inexperienced dancers feel emboldened, and all dancers 
perhaps a tad more romantic. (Yes we saw that.)

Dancing happened when the schedule said it would, after the stepping up 
court, & before feast. It even happened at a reasonable hour, from 
about 6 to 8 pm. Everything was pushed late by Miguel & Connel's 
mishap, but given SCA time, beginning dance a couple hours late is not 
bad. We danced all the dances on the ball list save a very few.

Thanks to His Excellency Michael Silverhands for heralding dance in the 
main hall. Thanks to the event co-steward Master Ihon for inviting us 
to hold the ball at Coronation. Thanks to Ihon & Isabeau for the 
hospitality of their beautiful home. Thanks to HL Signy for helping us 
get the ball started, and for loaning us her music box. Thanks to 
Mistress Kaitlyn and her assistants for the beautiful hall atmosphere. 
Thanks to Avatar and the other musicians who gave us music during the 
day, even if they couldn't stay for the ball. Thanks to Sir William of 
Weir for his great enthusiasm and skill. Thanks to all the other 
talented dancers in attendance: Lady Lowrie, Lady Myfanwy, the Stargate 
dancers whose names we should know but don't, and all the others who 
danced. Thanks to all the dancers for being patient with two tired and 
hoarse dance leaders.

Thanks to the steward and the Barony of Stargate for running a fun & 
wonderful event. Thanks to the feast steward, cooks, and servers for 
the amazing feast, over which we sat at leisure and discussed dance.

HL Guillaume de Troyes & HL Isabeau Lallement

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