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Scot and Michelle Henry cshenry at ev1.net
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Just to keep discussion going until an end is reached:

I think "star" should be part of the name as well, but I'm not sure it needs
to be in Latin.  People are going to change it to English anyway.  I think
my favorite so far is "Blazing Star Ball".

I'd like to make sure everyone who is interested in this in on the list,
then call for a vote.  So, Russell and Erika, are you the ones who have a
list of everyone who is on this list?  If so, could you post a message, so
we know who is here and who we still need to get?

Capricia (who thinks such messages need to posted in the town square or on
the church door)

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Here's what I like (in this order):

Ballo di Stella (Ball of the Star)
Chiara Stella (It doesn't matter who's done the dance before.)
Ballo di Regno
Stella Chiomata (Blazing Star)

I really think "stella" should be part of the name. It's kingdom


on 6/19/03 8:32 PM, Nadine Latief at nl33 at cornell.edu wrote:

> I think Chiara Stella is a good name. Actually, I think it's a great name!
> Bright Star. Appropriate...
> It's a dance from Caroso's Il Ballarino, if we really want to make it our
> 'own', we can dump Del's reconstruction and just re-reconstruct it from
> Caroso. No kingdom 'owns' the dance.
> http://www.pbm.com/~lindahl/caroso/transcription/0102.raw.html
> Yay! Dancing!
> Lowrie.

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