[Anst-dancers] Coronation and Suggestion

Ariane & Morgan rendancers at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jul 14 19:14:04 PDT 2003

on 7/14/03 2:56 PM, Alicia Whitecotton at hemophelia at hotmail.com wrote:

> Well which is it?  Were the other folks who could have run dance too busy?
> Or were they free but they asked Guillame and Isabeau anyway?
> Helene

HEY!?! Wait a minute "MRS. CORNWALL!" You are not even in the country! Why
are you worrying about local events!(;-). Should you not be looking for the
Lady of the Lake or something? Do they even have an SCA group in Cornwall?
Maybe you can teach the sheep to country dance! HA!

Morgan Ellisse

P.s. "Be Safe"

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