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Wed Jul 16 12:07:02 PDT 2003

This didn't make it to my original post:

This looks like a job for the guild proctor to handle!

There's no need to fear! The Guild proctor is here!


(Have fun organizing Capricia!)


>> Yes! My event is, in fact, a Masked BALL! Complete with dancing and 
>> all the works.
>> Herein is where my first problem lies. No one (or at the very least 
>> no one I can
>> find locally) knows how to dance.
>> I had asked Mistress Evelyn if she would be willing to teach a class 
>> on several
>> dances this summer so we might all be able to work on them throughout 
>> the remainder
>> of the year, and be really impressive when the time comes for the 
>> ball.
>> Unfortunately, her sister-in-law is very ill and they have left for 
>> Meridies
>> indefinitely.
>> Ideally, I would like just a Saturday dance class sometime this 
>> summer, possibly
>> another in the fall when we hold our A&S college (the big theme being 
>> mask-making
>> this year), and a final few simple lessons during the day at Twelfth 
>> Night. My
>> second problem would be, of course, music, but presumably if I have 
>> some lovely
>> dance teachers, I can get the music from them.
>> I would like nothing better than for a good portion of Ansteorra to 
>> come and dance
>> at my ball. So, please, any suggestions or promotions on your part 
>> would be highly
>> appreciated. And thank you so much for writing. If there is any 
>> further assistance I
>> can be of, please, don't hesitate to ask.
>> Oriana della Francesca
>> Lady Bonwicke & Steward for Twelfth Night

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