[Anst-dancers] Dance list for Coronation, AGED website submissions

Debbie Spangler paperdol at wt.net
Wed Jul 9 13:46:39 PDT 2003

My thought is that even though you've let those who do the most dancing know
about the dance at Coronation, some of my dancers aren't on the Anst-dancers
list but are on the Ansteorra list or the Ansteorra Announce list. Care to
send out a message on either of those lists to garner more attention to what
in my estimation is a "big" event happening at this Coronation? Also, let
them know that you and Guillaume will be teaching at our Sunday dance
practice (or would you rather I do that one?)

Looking forward to seeing you both!

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Hey everyone!

I just wanted to remind you that there will be dancing at Coronation
this weekend.

The dance list can be found at:


I would like to post ball lists on the AGED website in the future, so
that people can look them over and prepare for the event.


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