[Anst-dancers] Deciding guild levels

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Only if the DM or Gp (that would be dance master/magister and Guild Proctor)
get decide about critical kills of and saving blows for gaming participants.

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> All right, we have this lovely guild charter (see the web page if you've
> forgotten what it says) and it says we are going to have levels.

Oh, Cool! Is it like D&D? Can I be a Half Elf 3rd level Ren Dancer/Bard
Multi-Class SCAer? What happens when we aquire enough experience points in
the middle of an event, can we go up a level or do we have to wait until the
next game, oh, I mean Event? At what level can we be considered LORD OF THE

Morgan Ellisse

P.s. You know I just screwing with you.

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