[Anst-dancers] Teacher Exchange program

Scot and Michelle Henry cshenry at ev1.net
Wed Jun 11 12:28:07 PDT 2003

Very similar to my idea!  Perhaps everyone should have voted you in for
proctor.  ;-)  After Lilies, I'll jump in with both feet on improving dance
in Ansteorra.  Lowrie, I will probably want to enlist your assistance in
keeping things on the web since I know you have more experience in this than
I do.
Everyone feel free to post any requests or ideas for what you would like to
see happen throughout the kingdom in regards to dance on this site.
I hope to talk more with other dancers at Lilies who had suggested having
more regional dance practices between those groups who are not fortunate
enough to be Cynnabar or Carolingia.  ;-)

In service,
Melissent d'Aulnay (Capricia), who thought it would be wise to got ot
Mesquite during the AGED meeting.


Also, an idea:

I think Known World Dance has inspired some of us.. and one idea that might
be worth thinking about, is to have some sort of teacher exchange program.
According to the AGED website (http://dance.ansteorra.org), we have at
least 13 dancemasters in the Kingdom. I know there's more. Perhaps if we
could have more interactions with other dance guilds, such as having a
Houston area dance teacher come to Austin and teach, or having a Dallas
area person go to Bjornsborg and help the teaching there, it might help
spread dance and dance styles in the kingdom. Perhaps a formal program in
AGED where every month there's at least someone going to some other
external practice to teach.  Since we have at least 13 dance teachers, that
means one person won't have to travel more then once a year! I for one,
wuoldn't mine going and teach elsewhere once every say 3 months or so.

Just my 2 continenzas,
Lowrie Leulyn,
Bryn Gwlad Dance Principal
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