[Anst-dancers] Resurrecting dance in Ansteorra

Russell Kinder russmax at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jun 14 00:41:07 PDT 2003

Lowrie and others on the list,

The situation in Bryn Gwlad gives me hope. I think sometimes dance has
to die and then be brought back to life in group. In BG, dance died
because there was no place to hold practice. Also, I think folks burn
out on it.

Another key is to be sure to be involved in all the demos your local
group puts on. Then, you're recruiting dancers from the start. This may
be the biggest key in eventually growing dance in your area.


On Thursday, June 12, 2003, at 09:42  AM, Nadine Latief wrote:

> Good stuff, Guillaume.
> My own thoughts:
> The Bryn Gwlad Guild has been doing -relatively- okay. We vary between
> around 8 dancers or so, which makes it convenient for a 4 couple ECD
> dance.
> Ever since I took over this year, I don't remember ever having less
> then 4
> people. But partly it's because I have very faithful regulars who love
> dancing.
> There's been a resurgence of dance interest at Bryn Gwlad events. In
> our
> next Fall Baronial event, the stewards want a dance of 6 young girls at
> court, and since the theme has Henry's 6 queens, the queen's are
> supposed
> to do some dancing. There's dancing at Myfanwy's Yule Revel, and a
> dance
> track planned for Charles's Candlemas as well as a Ball. 2 of those 3
> events have dancemasters stewarding them, and the other one has people
> interested in promoting dance in the barony. This past week alone I've
> 2
> people come up to me saperately about teaching dance before Fighter
> Practice. This is quite irregular. :) Thank you KWD!
> The dancers in Bryn Gwlad are very much integrated into the rest of the
> Barony. My problem is mainly a lack of capable dancers willing to be
> dance
> teachers because they're so busy doing other things (one of my most
> talented members is in Morocco for the summer). I think I'm goign to
> start
> poking them to teach more :)
> Regional dance practices is good, because I get to do more dances that
> I
> like and they can be inspiring. Look at what KWD has done for our own
> Kingdom dance interests. As for the problem of dancers being a sub
> mainstream, I can point you to Pennsic, where people feel the same way.
> It's society-wide. I'm not sure what the solution is, besides making
> sure
> the people in control are dancers, socializing and politizing more? Or
> come
> to events where they are dance and support it. So we have more then 3
> people teaching at King's College, more then 6 people showing up at
> events
> with dance.
> Just my 2 continenzas,
> Lowrie.

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