[Anst-dancers] Hole in the Head

Ariane & Morgan rendancers at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jun 15 10:43:30 PDT 2003

To  Guillaume & Isabeau-

If you are sick of Hole in the Head you could put a page on the Guild
website that has alterative dances in the ECD field. Like the ones that
Master Trahaearn taught at KWDMS. Those are even 1651 Playford Dances. If
you do not care if it is past 1651, then you can do dances like Child Grove
or Female sailor.

I think we should try hard to get Catena d'Amore danced since it is easy
(and it is 16th c.), but we need a good recording. If you still have Master
Sion's Hand outs on this dance we can try and work out the dance discription
in counts (or measures, if you like) and also find out how many times the
music repeats in each section in relation to how many couples we have
dancing (for example-if 6 couple are dancing than section A of the music is
repeated 24 times, ect.). It was a really fun dance and I would like to
promote it.

For everyone eles reading this:

If you have any ideas on replacements of Hole in the Wall to suggest, please
share. There were more dances in all 18 editions of the first volume of
Playford (including the four editions of the second volume, and two editions
of the third Volume) than I can count (it is more than 10 fingers and toes).
There has to be a plethera of replacements in the ECD field for Hole in the

This is not a direct assalt on people who like Hole in the Wall, but I have
heard and read nothing but bad things about that dance since I have joined
the SCA. Now, the funny thing about it is: I have only danced it twice and
one of them was at an SCA event. Up hear in the North (Oklahoma) the dance
is pretty much not danced (unless in Tulsa?) because we never do it in our
class (Wiesenfeuer) and I have never heard it being done in Mooneshadowe.

Thank you,

Morgan Ellisse

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