[Anst-dancers] Volunteers????

Julie Cunningham Julie at ettros.com
Wed Jun 18 13:10:41 PDT 2003

A kingdom dance would be great!!!! I'm in!
Kathryn of Ayr
(Kate - short for Bob)

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Thank you for the info!  I really just want to keep the website updated.

It's probably to early for me to say, but I know of some people up 
north who had their eyes on some dates in May for Kingdom Dance next 


> Bjornsborg (San Antonio):
> Rachael moved from Stargate to San Antonio a few months ago, and found 
> it
> bereft of dance. So she has started doing, I believe, monthly dance
> practices. She showed up at King's College and at KWDS.
> Her contact info is: bobbie walker <bobbie_jo_walker at yahoo.com>
> Yay! Dancing!
>   Lowrie.

On Wednesday, June 18, 2003, at 08:34  AM, Deborah Sweet wrote:
>> Mooneschadowe (Stillwater)
> Dancing has died a slow agonizing death here (ie, the musicians would 
> show
> up but no dancers). It's possible that every few months we *might* 
> have a
> dance practice - but I wouldn't count on it for now.
> That being said, I am still available and willing to teach dance -
> especially here in the North - but I would consider traveling further
> away.  The hosting group might have to provide a babysitter though.
> Estrill
> (so, next year, Kingdom Dance will be where??)

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