[Anst-dancers] Midsummer's Ball

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 24 11:11:30 PDT 2003

Greetings All,

I had a wonderful time at Midsummer's this year.  Again, the Canton of
Lindenwood has done the Steppes proud.  The dance was great and the
hospitality outstanding.

I think we had a good representing of period danceing, and kept most of the 
post-1600 dance out with the exception to a few 1651 Playford.  People 
seemed to really respond well to learning more period dances and did not 
need the ECD to have a good time.

We started each set with a dance that we did not teach.  This made it 
obvious to the less experienced dancers, or those who where socializing, to 
know that we were beginning a new set.  These dances were too difficult to 
teach quickly, but dud expose the newers dancers to dances that can be alot 
of fun with a little practice.  Examples of these were Lo Spagnoletto and 
Bizzarria d'Amore.

Then we would go through a set teaching each of the dances.  This is the way 
Linedwood likes there ball run, because there are so many newcomers there, 
and they want these people to have as much oportunity to dance as possible.  
Also, allot of the experienced dancers made a concentrated effort to ask 
others to come dance.  The overall effect was that most of the people at 
least did one dance, and the rest enjoyed at least watching.

I'd like to thank Guillaume de Troyes for helping to run the music for most
of the night.

Also, I'd like to thank the following people who help to lead a dance or two
during the ball:  Elin the Timid, Guillaume de Troyes, Helene Quivermont,
Isabeau Lallement, and Lowrie Leulyn.

This was an awsome event, and I was really excited at how it turned out.  I
can't wait till next yilipear!

Your servant to Command,

Philip White

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