[Anst-dancers] Re: Teacher Exchange program

Russell Kinder russmax at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jun 10 20:39:51 PDT 2003

Guillaume and I would be willing to travel (and have in the past).  We
had great success in Namron, the Shadowlands, Adlersruhe, Eldern Hills,
and some success in Mendersham.  And we had lots of fun teaching at
Saltare, in Birmingham.  We almost travel as far to attend Philip's
practices as we used to travel from Moonschadowe to Namron.  We would
be willing to go to Austin, College Station, Houston, San Antonio,
Tulsa, or just about anywhere to teach. We can teach all of the basics,
plus 16c Italian/ La Volta/ Dance Theory.  I have Brando di Cales, and
Russell is currently working on La Caccia d'Amore... which we'll want
guinea pigs for, at some point.  I'm also planning on ripping into a
few new dances pretty soon.

Regardless, I'd probably want a list of what the group already knew/
wanted us to teach.

Can we organize new reconstruction playtime at a regional dance
practices every three or so months?  For example, we could meet in DFW
in January, Houston in April, OKC in July, and Austin or whereabouts in
October..... Not that it would happen that way exactly.  We could get
the details of this ironed out at a later date.

That's it for now.

HL Isabeau

> Also, an idea:
> I think Known World Dance has inspired some of us.. and one idea that
> might
> be worth thinking about, is to have some sort of teacher exchange
> program.
> According to the AGED website (http://dance.ansteorra.org), we have at
> least 13 dancemasters in the Kingdom. I know there's more. Perhaps if
> we
> could have more interactions with other dance guilds, such as having a
> Houston area dance teacher come to Austin and teach, or having a Dallas
> area person go to Bjornsborg and help the teaching there, it might help
> spread dance and dance styles in the kingdom. Perhaps a formal program
> in
> AGED where every month there's at least someone going to some other
> external practice to teach.  Since we have at least 13 dance teachers,
> that
> means one person won't have to travel more then once a year! I for one,
> wuoldn't mine going and teach elsewhere once every say 3 months or so.
> Just my 2 continenzas,
> Lowrie Leulyn,
> Bryn Gwlad Dance Principal

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