[Anst-dancers] Fall Arts Symposium - Dance Business

Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Sat Nov 1 07:36:05 PST 2003

Ariane & Morgan (rendancers at cox.net) said something that sounded like:
> If you have a problem with other dancers, why did you not contact them
> privately (all of the ones you have a problem with).

Because I feel it important for people to know that people are *trying*
to take action. When I chastise my child or a group of children - depending
on the circumastances, I generally don't take them in private and do it
when they've been making a public spectical. This allows those watching
to realize that some action is being taken and not just allowing them to
continue in this type of behavior.

> Like everyone on this list, we dance because we enjoy it. I would like to
> think we could express our opinions and share our ideas with like-minded
> people without crude and ruthless remarks from others on this list. We are a
> dance community after all.

I admit that I can be crude at times, but ruthless is definitely something
I have not been on this list. I admit that I have been honest and frank,
which some may feel is ruthless. I have not been ruthless for many years
because it's not worth the energy and frustration involved.


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