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Scot and Michelle Henry cshenry at ev1.net
Sat Nov 1 08:17:44 PST 2003

**My input is after the asterisks.

> Isabeau was the original idea generator of the Who's Who page.

Isabeau says it was Philip. But still, we like the idea.
**Sorry, I heard it first from Isabeau and it wasn't credited to Philip.
Sorry to both.

You know, you could submit a portrait drawing or painting, or perhaps a
nice caricature. :-) Whatever. The picture can be optional.
**People loved the caricature idea, but it would make Helene a very busy

Since there are only 2 or 3 membership updates/registrations each
month, there is really not a time issue. It would take lots more effort
to make a registration form, and to deal with maintaining it, than it
takes us to update the membership roster and web page.
**I would like a current roster which would mean all people currently
involved would need to re-register or at least say that they are still
interested in being on the roster.  The historical roster looks nice, but is
not helpful in determining the status of dance at this time.

There's not going to be a substitute for manually reformatting the
dances that people submit. It requires a good deal of intelligence to
take a dance submission, fix its problems, and format it for the
manual. Also, not all reconstructions are good and worthy of including
in the manual. I'm not saying that Isabeau & I should be the only ones
who decide what reconstructions are good and bad, but someone should.
I would be against any system that automatically takes reconstructions
and uploads them to the web page, and includes them in the manual.
**I will state again that I am not a programmer and so do not know whether
or not this is an easy thing to do, but I still can't help thinking that
anything that makes updates easier would be beneficial.

Maybe there could be a "Submissions Under Review" page, where dances
could be uploaded, and commentary could be gathered. Still, there is
the problem of "punks" on the internet. People with no relationship to
A.G.E.D. or Ansteorra, or even the SCA could submit junk over and over,
simply because the form is fun. I think it's better to have the dance
sent as an e-mail, even if it's entered into a form. A "submissions
under review" page might be better than having people submit their
dances to this list or to us personally, or it might not. It seems like
it would be a good place to put new submissions, though.
**I could probably live with this.  Then everyone would know that their
dance/variation did make it to the appropriate people and others would know
whether or not they should do a write-up on a particular dance.

As I've said, there
are not enough registrations or dances submitted to make it worth the
effort of programming a form. E-mail is fine.
**Again, I'm not sure about the effort required to program, but there does
seem to be work than one person can handle.

>   If I had
> realized previously that there were personal web issues here, I would
> not
> have asked Lowrie to do this project.  She has graciously agreed not
> to be
> involved but I still think that we need this project and I would still
> like
> to spread out the work so that it is not a burden.

Here is how things are currently attributed in the manual:

Prendente in Gyro
Dance by Master ihon macFergus of the Barony of Stargate, 1999.
(dance follows)


Quen Quer Que (cane care kay)
A carola by Master Sion Andreas of Wynedd, 1999.
(dance follows)

Everyone who submits a dance will continue to have creative control
over their reconstruction or choreography. They will have the
opportunity to review their entry in the manual, and revise as needed.
I don't know how I could do more to assure people that their
contributions will be properly credited and treated with respect.
**I think people will be happy to hear this.

But we don't appreciate a
meeting being scheduled for an event where it is known we can't attend,
**Again, it wasn't a scheduled meeting.  It was a discussion group - one in
which I chose to publish all the information discussed online because of the
vast quantity and the number of people involved.  EVERY event (and dance
class) I've gone to since I've become proctor has presented opportunities
for dance discussion.  Usually it's 1-3 people besides me.  Most of those
ideas have been brought forth as well.  Some of those ideas have been
discussed on smaller scale with the people involved and some of those ideas
have been to help me become a better proctor.

During my terms as Proctor, I started no other projects in the guild's
name besides the manual and web page. I can't speak for Master ihon,
but I don't think he did either. No project automatically belongs to
the guild and its Proctor simply because it is a dance project in
**I am not accusing you of hiding a project, just making a policy statement.
I do however feel that decisions have been made since I've become proctor
that I just happen to learn about or get told about afterwards.  I would
like better communication - again, I'm easy to get in touch with.

OK, this is not a guild issue. This is not a guild project. Whose
reconstruction of La Caccia we'll be doing at 25th year is not up for
debate. Isabeau has been asked to coordinate dance by the people
running the event. We told people several months ago our intention to
perform La Caccia at 25th year. Anyone who knows that I am working on
La Caccia, who tries to substitute their own reconstruction is being
spiteful. There are lots of other dances people could reconstruct and
perform for greater fame. Please don't steal my current project from
me. I have mentioned to other dancers in Ansteorra that I am currently
working on La Caccia, so we don't accidently try to do the same dance,
not so someone can beat me to it. Show some class, people.
**My error.  I didn't explicitly know that you were doing this.  After
checking the webpage, I do see that it is listed there.  I'm not sure by the
response this past weekend that anyone realized you planned on doing this
for 25th year - the idea arose from a discussion on dance games.  I
apologize for my ignorance.  People are eager to do this and to start
practicing, so a posting of the dance would be nice.  Unless of course, you
are just going to have your group do this.

> Along those lines, I think some pages of our website need to be sort of
> hidden like the ones on the KWDS website that were only available to
> the
> staff.  I'd like to have full roster information (SCA and mundane
> names,
> e-mail, phone, address, etc.) available to members only and maybe only
> name
> and e-mail available to general public.  I think full information is
> necessary for the proctor or those working on group projects to be
> able to
> contact people privately as needed.

Well, we weren't really planning to make all that information available
to anyone via the web site. Only the SCA name and home group. No
privacy at risk whatsoever. A fake name with a fake home location.
Perfect. I thought you, Capricia, were all into internet privacy. We
*can* make a database document available to select officers in the
group, but I hesitate to put up a web page with all that info. Search
engines can still find this type of document, even if it is hidden. I
think the best way is for the proctor to have all the info, and others
to contact the proctor if they need to contact someone in particular.
**Okay, hidden isn't the way to go.  Maybe password protected.  Again, we
still need to get all that information from people and have it readily
available at least for the proctor.

It is apparent that changes to the bylaws are needed. The teacher
levels need to be removed, I think almost everyone agrees with that.
How we decide to spend money needs to be addressed. We don't even have
a section on how to change bylaws. This is a gross oversight that I
accept responsibility for.
**I hadn't even thought of that one yet.  We've got a lot of revising to do.

> The idea of getting the dance geeks together on a regular basis was
> brought
> up at the event and again by Tahira.  As mentioned, we have two places
> in
> the metroplex to hold such a get together.  We need places elsewhere as
> well.  I was thinking quarterly, but if there is enough interest to do
> monthly that could also be a possibility.  Although this appears to
> make us
> insular, I feel it actually helps us to prepare our students (whether
> regular class attenders or those we get just once at an event) for
> travel
> and participation with other Ansteorrans.   And if we draw together
> more as
> a community as well as participate in our local non-dance groups, we
> gain
> more visibility and credibility.

So, I want to be clear on what is being proposed here. Are we getting
together to just talk? To share reconstruction and dance techniques? To
trash-talk anybody who couldn't make it?
**Reconstruction, dance techniques, doing the "harder dances", staying
better informed as to what others are doing.  As well as socializing which
is inevitable even among dance geeks.

Thanks, again, Capricia for all your work on the guild. It's something
near to my heart, so I am really grateful for all that you are doing.
*Your welcome.  It's really helping fine-tune my diplomatic and leadership

In service,

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