[Anst-dancers] Dance Manual Question and 25 Year

Myfanwy ferch Eifion myfanwy at pug.net
Sat Nov 1 14:14:35 PST 2003

>In a way that's true. The gist was, "Would the Guild be interested in 
>putting on Guillaume's reconstruction of La Caccia at 25th year?" Some 
>said yes. Some had no opinion. Someone said, "What about doing a different 
>reconstruction, like Julia Sutton's, since it's on a video." or words to 
>that effect. Then it became, "Does anyone else have a reconstruction of La 
>Caccia we could use?"  At that point it begins to sound like, "We want to 
>do that dance, but please, anyone's reconstruction but Guillaume's." I 
>just wanted to make clear that who is doing La Caccia is the question, not 
>whose reconstruction are we doing. If the guild is not interested in my 
>reconstruction, I have a large dance class with many good dancers. I think 
>the discussion started back in the spring before we started our dance 
>class in Steppes. At that point, the guild was my only option.

O.k, I had promised myself I would wait a couple of days to post any 
responses, but I want to clarify a point here.  Guillaume, nobody ever 
meant to slight you by saying that they didn't want to do your 
version.  What happened at the "event" was somebody mentioned the dance, 
somebody else mentioned doing a performance as AGED at twenty-fifth year, 
then two and two were put together to do that dance.  Never once was it 
mentioned (at least when I could hear) that you were doing a 
reconstruction.  There was not meant to be any slight against you on this 
matter.  We (meaning the people who were present) may have been thoughtless 
because we forgot, but we never once said "Oooh, *not* Guillaume's version."

I personally would rather do a reconstruction of a person in the guild then 
somebody else's.  This weeks message was the first that I had heard that 
you had a reconstruction.  I'm o.k. with doing your reconstruction as long 
as I can learn it.

Ultimately though I would like to see some AGED performance along with 
individual group performances.

If you are willing to let AGED do your reconstruction, and AGED agrees that 
they want to do that dance, I'm personally all for it.  If AGED decides to 
not do your version, I am in complete agreement that we shouldn't do the 
same dance and AGED should do something else.

In service to dancing the dream.

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